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types of bridge bearings Bailey Bridge Bearings

Bailey Bridge Bearings
  Product Details

1 Bailey Bridge Component
2 Receive the Press Power from the girder
3 Helpful to the Bridge Locating on Abutment

The end post of bridge supports the axial girder of bridge chair. The axial girder is divided into three sections. While erecting single-row bridge, the end post of truss supports the middle section of axial girder; while erecting dual-row bridge, using two bridge chairs, the end post supports respectively the middle section of the two axial girders of bridge chair; while erecting triple-row bridge, using still two bridge chairs, the end post of internal row supports the middle section of one axial girder of bridge chair, and the end post of middle and exterior row supports respectively the side section of the other axial girder of bridge chair.

Bailey bridge(also be named Compact panel bridge) is a standard bridge equipment, adopted extensively and the most popular in the world, possessing the features of simple structure, convenient transport, speedy erection and easy disassembling capacity, great stability and long fatigue life being capable of an alternative span, loading capacity and mixture form to erect all kinds and usage of Temporary Bridges, emergency bridges and fixed bridges. Using the compact panel bridge equipment, the suspension bridges of varied span can be erected.

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