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Cable Tray Preferred Energy-saving Materials

Jiangsu Bailey Steel Bridge Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 23, 2015

Compared to conventional electric power equipment industry, wind power equipment to enjoy the positive effects do not seem to be large. The great wall securities analyst Zhang Lin told reporters that 4 trillion investment plan for the wind power industry has some stimulating effect in the short term, but for now financing difficult period of wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises because each enterprise to the actual investment is relatively small, so the direct impact would not be great. The other hand, downstream demand due to the economic downturn slowed, although wind power investment, will continue to develop, but will be "retarded".

Main cable bridge concept of energy-saving electrical equipment will undoubtedly become energy-saving emission reduction and new energy development of the direct beneficiaries. In 2007, China's energy consumption totaled 2.65 billion tons of standard coal, 97.4% consumption of cable trays, or 2.58 billion tons. CEC statistics show that the 2007 national power generation 6,000-kilowatt and above the consumption of 1.282 billion tons of coal, 48.4% per cent of our energy consumption as a whole, so as the energy consumption of electric power industry with key focus areas, cable trays in energy use and pollution emissions task is very difficult.

Yan Biao, century Cable Tray market analyst forecasts, 3-5 years in the future, in the context of energy saving and emission reduction, and power transmission industry trend is not reduced. In addition, wind power installed capacity size and capacity of the photovoltaic industry for nearly 3 years an average growth rate of 100%, 15% of the future 10 nuclear power installed capacity is expected to have an average annual growth rate, the corresponding power equipment will be higher economic development.

Under the renewable energy "Eleven-Five" programme, 2010 national renewable energy, hydroelectric capacity of 190 million KW, wind power installed capacity of 10 million KW, photovoltaic total capacity of 300,000 KW. 2010 renewable energy's share of energy consumption in China reached 10%, in 2020 will increase to 16%.

General seems, most by energy-saving emissions advance good of including: power equipment aspects, including power, and high parameter of generator group, flue gas sewage desulfurization equipment and factory electricity energy-saving equipment; lost variable electric once equipment aspects, including high pressure special high pressure transformer, and high pressure switch, equipment high-end of; lost variable electric II times equipment aspects, non-Crystal alloy transformer, and high pressure frequency device, and no work compensation device, products of market space will increasingly broad.

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