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Classification Of Pedestrian Bridge And Matters Needing Attention

Jiangsu Bailey Steel Bridge Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 23, 2017

    The pedestrian overpass is also known as pedestrian overpass. It is generally built in large traffic, dense pedestrian areas, or intersections, squares and railways. According to the structure, the common crossing overpass can be divided into three categories: suspension structure, bearing structure and hybrid structure. Hanging structure of overpasses a reminder as the main bearing components, for pedestrians by bridge plate itself is not bearing, hanging on as a bearing beam of the bridge, the structure of flyover structural components and the practical parts together, can reduce the use of building materials and relatively lower engineering cost, but the structure of flyover railing unusually thick solid, and the line of sight of pedestrians on the bridge will be railings, and stout railing is difficult to give a person with beautiful feeling, therefore in the urban landscape features.Pedestrian Bridge
    Retainer structure flyover bridge bearing directly mounted on the bridge, the bridge for pedestrians walking spread onto the bridge, and a reminder just protect pedestrians, not bearing, this kind of overpasses the construction cost is relatively high, but because the railing is slender, as the function of the urban landscape is good, so now the number of this type of overpasses in the city's most. The cross - street overpass of the hybrid structure is the hybrid of the two structures. The bridge and the bridge share the load of the bridge as the load-bearing structure.Pedestrian Bridge
  1. Economic, practical and aesthetic. Tianqiao is the first to solve the traffic function and to optimize the technology and economy. This is the basic requirement of bridge design. Tianqiao landscape design is an in-depth design of landscape scale, culture and aesthetics under the premise of satisfying functions, technology and economy. 2. Structural design is the basis of landscape design. The selection of the structure of the bridge structure is the basic content of the shape of the bridge, which is the basic basis of landscape design. Good structure scheme can provide good design platform, to landscape design at the early stages of the project design, the best landscape architect can also be involved, the aesthetic feature and the perfect combination of bridge structure. 3. The coordination and unification of the main body and subsidiary components. The main function of tianqiao is to provide the passage, followed by the visual landscape. The structure of the bridge is the place where the light is most added. Such as the baluster, the pavement of the ground, the adornment of the ceiling. In the premise that satisfies safety, economy, practical, its beautiful color and beautiful line undoubtedly will give a person beautiful enjoyment. Coordinate with your surroundings. The core of landscape design of tianqiao is to harmonize with the surrounding environment and integrate into the urban space environment, displaying the beauty of the bridge itself and not the environment. If you want to get good landscape effect, you should be the actual space environment, adjust measures to local conditions, the use of flexible and accurate modeling rules, carefully crafted overpass modelling, can very good into the surrounding environment. Create a harmonious and unified urban space environment. Pedestrian Bridge

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