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Discussion On Load Test Of Pedestrian Bridge

Jiangsu Bailey Steel Bridge Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 19, 2017

               The acceptance load test of the bridge is carried out, which has three aspects: 1, through the load test to check whether the existing structure carrying capacity is up to the design load. 2, according to the static load test observation to understand the structure of the actual stress status and working performance, for the bridge operation Provide scientific basis for conservation.3. After comparing and analyzing the test data, we accumulate reliable data for the design and construction of the inner bridge.Pedestrian Bridge

               Work plan of bridge load testing 1, according to the bridge completion diagram, measured bridge completion data, at the same time according to the completion diagram documents to build bridge load The experimental calculation model is carried out to determine the location of the load test and calculate the theoretical value.2, draw up the load test work plan, according to the bridge grade, the design standard, according to the standard request to carry On Vehicle arrangement. 3, the implementation of load test, according to the work plan for the external industry test, the collection of key test results. 4, according to the results of the test and theoretical calculation of the comparison, analysis, and finally reached the bridge evaluation report.Pedestrian Bridge

               The pedestrian overpass is located in a District 1, 2 blocks, for a "H" type structure bridge, mainly connected to a community 1, 2 blocks and a primary school surrounding the flow of people past, the main girder of the flyover 49.7 meters. The bridge deck is 4.2 meters wide and 4.0 m wide, and the staircase is 2.7 meters wide and 2.5 m wide, and the net is higher than 5 meters. The bridge is provided with a maximum 1% deck longitudinal slope and a 1% bi-directional transverse slope. The bridge design load is: Crowd: 4.5kn/㎡.Pedestrian Bridge

               The main girder and the ladder beam are all steel structures, which are formed by welded steel plates. The upper structure is equal section steel box girder, beam is 0.9 meters, the box girder is 4.2 meters wide and the bottom width is 1.8 meters. The ladder beam is 0.3 meters high and 0.8 meters wide. The Q345QC steel is used in the roof, bottom plate, webs and top of the bridge box girder. Q345QC steel is used in the top floor and webs of the steel ladder and platform. The main pier structure of the flyover is a vase-type reinforced concrete pier, the top width of 1.8 meters root width of 1 meters, 0.8 meters thick, pile diameter of 1.2 meters. The pier structure is rectangular pier, the size is 0.6x0.6 m, the diameter of the pile is 1.0 m.Pedestrian Bridge

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